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Do you have funny stories to share with us? As we know, story can be written, drawn, or be on everybody’s lips. Comics is one of the best way, and become more and more popular. As per my knowledge this fun story site is fully content of such stories. So you will really enjoy the site.

Breakfast puns

We believe that the short story is one of the most exciting and important literary forms, and that it can, and should, reach the widest possible readership.


We know that story is an account or recital of an event or a series of events, either true or fictitious. Sometimes the comics or stories are full of twisted & dark humor. However, this the the truth of life and occasionally a bit geeky and a bit offensive, but is fairly thought provoking in most cases.

News, Australia vs. USA

News, Australia vs. USA

only one wish

the truth

Why comics be more and more popular? I believe it is because it funny and easy understood. It is so popular that more and more people use it to mark their stories in life. As per my knowledge this fun story site is fully content of such stories. So you will really enjoy the site.

Oink Oink Mr Pig

As we know, funny words and to be humor person can make people happy and life better. To be funny there are a lot of things you must know about humor. This blog tend to collect some humor images or funny pictures. We believe this may help people find happiness and interests easily from the internet. So that make our life better.

My car in real life

My car in real life of different condition. Look at the picture that what I show you!

Morning After

Here’s how to get started on the path to creating a happier you. Just some humor and funny pictures. If you want to be funny, it is important that you act the part. If you do not have an inherently funny appearance, do what you can to make it funny. Sometimes, you won’t even have to be funny, and people will laugh at you. After you read some of those pictures of humor and funny images, you will know it.

Mary Poppins!

You can learn how to be happy — or at least happier. For example, reading some humor or funny images. Being funny is hard work, but humor is easier. Is it true? I don’t think so. Being funny is also the easy job. This post shows you some funny things. Hope you enjoy it and find your happy life.